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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Declares Cyber War Against Pro-Russia Hacker From Hacking Forum

    The Supportive of Russia Programmer Gathering Killnet as of late designated European establishments, while Mysterious programmers are as of now professing to have released the gathering's very own data in a data set dump. The Unknown hacktivists aggregate reported announcing cyberwar against...
  2. Anonymous

    Russian TV Schedules Hacked on Victory Day form verified carder

    Programmers designated Russian TV slots' program names just before Vladimir Putin's discourse on Triumph Day to remember the loss of Nazi Germany by the Soviet Association in WWII. Triumph Day occasion is praised to remember the loss of Nazi Germany by the Soviet Association in WWII. Be that as...
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Leak 82GB of Police Emails Against Australia’s Offshore Detention FROM best carding forum

    Altogether, Mysterious released 285,635 private messages having a place with the Nauru Police Power of the little Nauru Island scandalously referred to for being utilized by Australia as a seaward evacuee detainment focus as a trade-off for help. On Monday, May second, 2022, the Unknown...
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous: Russian Radio Stations Hacked with Fake Missile Alerts By Carders forums

    As per nearby media, a female voice delivered the phony cautions from a few radio broadcasts, including Yumor FM, Loosen up FM, Parody Radio, Humor FM, and Avatoradio. The bogus admonition declared an air attack and mentioned the audience members to rapidly look for cover. A huge number of...
  5. Anonymous

    Iranian State TV Hacked During President’s Speech on Revolution Day by carders forums

    The Ali's Equity (Edalat-e Ali) programmer bunch has asserted liability regarding hacking the live transmission of an Iranian state-run television and radio broadcast to disturb and mutilate the discourse of Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi during the Upset Day services. the Leader of Iran...
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Hits Iranian State Sites, Hacks Over 300 CCTV Cameras BY Carding forums

    Following the new Iranian government crackdown on disagree after Mahsa Amini's passing, the global hacktivist bunch Unknown has sent off another activity against the country's web-based foundation. Named OpIran (Activity Iran) by Mysterious; the hacktivists have brought down various top...
  7. Anonymous

    Russian Radio Station Hacked to Broadcast Ukrainian National Anthem By Carding forums

    The Kommersant FM's web-based notice was out of nowhere hindered to play Ukraine's hymn and hostile to war melodies by against war programmers to challenge Vladimir Putin's intrusion of Ukraine. The internet based release broadcast of a Russian radio broadcast, Kommersant FM, was interfered...
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Hacktivists Leak 1TB of Top Russian Law Firm Data By BitCarder

    Rustam Kurmaev and Accomplices work with the Russian government and other high-profile banking, media, oil, and modern organizations, including American firms. The Mysterious hacktivists aggregate has struck Russia again by spilling roughly 1TB of information from a main Russian law office...
  9. Anonymous

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